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Transformative Inquiry

welcome the awkwardness

  • Many pre-service teachers were successful in navigating the highly positivist paradigm that shapes most education. How true is that for you? How does that influence your desire or lack of desire to re-imagine schooling?
  • At this point, what do you think is the spirit and soul of what is means to be a teacher? How does this influence what you believe to be a purpose of education?
  • Freire’s (1998) list of desirable dispositions for teachers include: humility, love, courage, tolerance, decisiveness, security, the joy of living, and the tension between patience and impatience. As you consider these elements, do you agree or disagree with this list? If you agree, describe why and which of these qualities seem most pertinent for teachers today. If you disagree, describe why and discuss which qualities you would add or subtract from the list.
  • This chapter is full of powerful quotes, select one that triggered a strong response in you and describe what emerges for you as you consider it on a deeper level.
  • Relational accountability is a central tenant of TI and integral to an indigenous worldview, if you adopt this into your own ways of being, how would your practice be transformed?

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